New Challenges to Housing

Maybe you’ve downsized, only to miss the space you had for hosting your grandchildren.  Or maybe your grown child has moved home—to your house rules!  Would an in-law or granny suite solve your changing family situation?  Would a rental suite help to pay your mortgage?

Hi, I’m Elke Harder, your Re/Max Affiliates Realty Realtor in homes that perform multi-purpose or multi-generational functions.  While I can help you with all your residential housing needs, I love sharing my expertise in homes that do double duty.

Filling Your Family’s Housing Needs

Multi-purpose homes have unique demands.  Backed by years of experience and a passion for the home as a functioning place to live, I cover the details you may miss in your lay-out and design. I’m by your side while you work with an architect for the best results.

My Style, Your Success

Working with families in transition, I give solutions through the whole process of getting the home you—and your in-laws—will love.  Building a relationship of trust is paramount.  I don’t just pay lip service to wanting to learn your needs:   I live it with my clients during and after the transaction.

Putting My Experience to Work for You

My father worked in residential construction, so I grew up with a hammer in my hand.  I always loved floor plans and ways to make homes more livable.  After working in sales, management, communications and customer service for the corporate world, I decided to follow my passion of becoming a Realtor.

On the team of RE/MAX Affiliates Realty, I am a member of the RE/MAX Executive and RE/MAX 100% Club for having sold over $4,000,000 worth of property in one year.  Through RE/MAX, I have access to excellent tools, resources, and support to get you the home and price you want.  In an effort to help create better communities, each home listed with me is labelled a Miracle Home.  When the home sells, I make a donation on behalf of the listing and purchase to CHEO.

Elke holds the Master Certified Negotiation Expert designation (MCNE) and receives immense satisfaction in bringing her negotiating skills and many other benefits to work for her clients.

If you need a home that offers extra functionality, I’d love to hear your story and to show you how to solve the challenges you face in living arrangements.